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  • Holiday Lights, Low-light, Aphrodisiacs & Glass! (12/23/2013) - Another day in December, another Holiday party. Last week, I attended the holiday party of the wonderful people of Sarah Finn Co. Fanboys and Fangirls, although I can't explicitly say what they cast (thanks NDAs), Sarah Finn Co is responsible for your wet dreams of things that include Norse Gods, Ming-Na and a dude playing another […]
  • ‘Tis the Season To Be Jolly…and Glassy! (12/22/2013) - On Sunday, December 15, I attended a charity holiday party hosted by Bramon Garcia Braun Studios to support The Mary Magdalene Project (MMP), a nonprofit organization helping women who have been victimized by domestic sex trafficking and street prostitution. The party was a succes having raised over $2000 in cash, checks and gift cards plus enormous quantities of basic household […]
  • I’m a Google Glasserer!! (12/16/2013) - I’m sure “Google Glasser” is not a transitive verb, nor will it probably catch on anytime soon, but I give you permission to use it freely and unapologetically! This past Friday, December 13, I became the owner of a pair of Google Glass Explorer Edition. For those of you who are unaware of what these […]


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Couples Retreat SUPPORTING UNIVERSAL/Peter Billingsley
The Weight STARRING FOX/Nicholas Jarecki
Assbergers LEAD FOX/David Brooks
Birth Mother STARRING Dir: Robert Hensley
Public Affection STARRING Dir: Christopher Dockens
For Heaven’s Sake SUPPORTING Dir: Nat Christian
C.A.P.S. SUPPORTING Dir: Brian Sturgulewski
Identity LEAD Golden Era Productions
Imperial Violet SUPPORTING Dir: Peter Siesennop
Three Minute Love SUPPORTING Dir: Gretchen Pitluk


Parks & Recreation CO-STAR NBC/Morgan Sackett
dr0ne CO-STAR UNIVERSAL/Bobby Glickert
The Young & The Restless PRINCIPAL CBS/Sally McDonald
Hannah Montana CO-STAR DISNEY/Michael Poryes
I’m Sure You’ve Heard of It RECURRING FOX/D. Luther Gooch
Trailerate (30 Episodes) SERIES REGULAR INTERNET/Chane’t Johnson


Extensive List Available Upon Request.


Acting: The Lyndon Technique – Advanced w/ Amy Lyndon, Janelle Snow, Ivana Chubbuck, Evidently Acting Studios w/ Treisa Gary
Comedy: Upright Citizens Brigade
Sports: Archery, Fencing, Running, Biking, Weightlifting
Additional: Voiceover Artist, IT Expert, Great w/ Technical/Mathematical Dialogue, Southern & British Dialect, Comedy Sketch Writing (Upright Citizens Brigade), Completed P90X 4 times, Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics




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