Holiday Lights, Low-light, Aphrodisiacs & Glass!

December 23rd, 2013 | news, tech | Phillip | No Comments

Another day in December, another Holiday party.

Last week, I attended the holiday party of the wonderful people of Sarah Finn Co. Fanboys and Fangirls, although I can't explicitly say what they cast (thanks NDAs), Sarah Finn Co is responsible for your wet dreams of things that include Norse Gods, Ming-Na and a dude playing another dude disguised as another dude in a ferrum suit. So typically as a newly minted Glass Explorer, I took them with me. The party was at the L&E Oyster Bar. This would be the first time that I would use Glass in a low-light situation so I wanted to see how they would hold up.

This to me has been one of the weak points of the device. Taking pictures proved to be a daunting task as a lof them had a lot of noise and were blurry if you did not have the right light or if your subjects moved. I did capture some slightly decent photos. And by slightly decent I mean they were passible enough to post on social media for close friends & family to see who understand that you are in no way a professional photographer, nor are your an expert at lighting.

Taking video was pointless. They were very dark as I expected. I won't embed them in the post, but you can check them out and other photos from the party here. I wonder if there is a way to add a LED flash to the device without blinding you? OR, if there could be an Android app that interfaces with the camera to control the LED flash on your phone. Or, even less practical, a pocket sized Bluetooth LED flash device that would interface with Glass camera app. 

Overall, I am still happy with the device. Although the pictures are not even close to the quality of most pictures that you get with your smart phone that has a flash built in, I was able to quickly capture moments that I have may have missed trying to get my phone out. Life moments are things that we will never get back, but a digital memory of that moment lasts forever.

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